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A large part of working with LateralOne is getting an ally to help you transcend your business goals. In order to do this, it is imperative that we fully understand your strategy. We want to make sure it’s the best it can be and will get you where you need to go. At the center of all marketing is a sound marketing strategy that ties back to your corporate mission and goals.


The absolute best way to succeed in the world of traditional marketing is to hire the right team, adhere to the right strategy and execute consistently. Traditional marketing requires lots of input from the rest of the business and often incorporates product teams and research. At the center of traditional marketing is a one-way relationship with your customer. This is incredibly important for positioning your brand and finding your voice.


To succeed in the online world of digital marketing, you need to listen to your customer and continually improve their experience. Customer service, sales channels and social media facilitate conversations. Successful companies and brands integrate this information into their DNA and use it to improve all customer touch points. This modern marketing delivers value by providing real-time output to the rest of the business. At the center of digital marketing is a two-way relationship with your customer.

you + us.

Over the past decade or two, the function of marketing has expanded and intensified when it comes to the customer experience and buying journey. LateralOne realizes you have a fuller plate now than in the past. Marketing handles more, having moved both higher and lower into the sales funnel. All of the areas from awareness to purchase are now supported by your team. You own the majority of the customer journey. This is a lot of pressure on the function of marketing and marketing leadership.

Additional pressure is created by the increasing need for personalization in all customer engagement. This requires that marketing be both proactive and reactive and that all digital channels be monitored for opportunities for engagement with the customer. Through all this, you must keep brand and voice consistent.

We can help your group do this by excelling in all facets of marketing and communications. We also step in where you need us most.