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LateralOne recognizes that your reputation in the digital ecosystem is a combination of your message and all those that propagate on social media: those of your customers, competitors and the media. We appreciate that this ecosystem is only part of the story. Your story is also shared via word-of-mouth to friends, relatives, peers and coworkers of your customers. It is important that the message repeated by your customers is one that helps your brand flourish and extends your reach.

Our digital marketing team cultivates trusted brands and develop personalized communications. Our approach to your digital personality starts with you, but also recognizes the importance of understanding your customers. What are they seeking in a brand? How do we produce memorable customer engagements they will want to share and talk about?

Digital marketing is much more that merely posting to social media or developing a website. LateralOne believes it takes a variety of channels and frequent brand impressions. Customer relationships are complex and require dynamic interactions to build trust and familiarity with your brand. By fostering consistent communication , we build enduring, loyal customer relationships. LateralOne helps your organization adopt a true customer-centric marketing approach and a cohesive social media strategy.

With this approach, your company can stop struggling with low search (SEO) results, sluggish website traffic, waning customer retention, anemic brand awareness and inconsistent messaging. LateralOne will help you wrestle free of ineffective social media campaigns. Let our expertise in managing social help you increase your reach and engagement on all platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn.

LateralOne believes in harnessing new technology and tools to supercharge marketing results. ConnectIQ, our first marketing AI tool, uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to perfect social media content creation and grow customer engagement. There is huge power in employing technology to partner with gut marketing intuition. There is value in consulting data to help improve objectivity in marketing decision making.

Scott Brinker, one of the preeminent speakers on the emerging field of martech or marketing technology, has studied the exponentially (32x) expanding role of tech solutions in modern marketing. There is no doubt that marketing technology has the power to make our jobs easier and our decisions smarter. However, it appears that the complexity of options will continue to rise.

If you find yourself asking questions like, “how do I know what marketing technology is best?” Or, “how do I scale our marketing to follow the customer journey and tailor experiences in real time?” Or, “how do I use rich media and create content that engages?” We can help. StrategyNest aims to be your partner in all aspects of marketing, including technology.

How can we help? Can we help perfect your traditional marketing and free up your time for navigating the modern, technology-enabled world? Can we be your marketing technologists, helping your team to understand what technology is necessary to exceed your goals and wow your customer? Do you need help with your overarching strategy? Do you want assistance in execution of planned tactics? Do you need online or offline help?


We’re ready to work with you on any project, big or small. Contact us today.