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Do you even wonder why you purchase a product or service?

Do you even wonder why you purchase a product or service?

When a customer chooses one product over another, do you ever wonder what drove them to make that decision?  Especially if price was not a factor.

The inclination to purchase a product or service is first experienced at an emotional level, not a logical or rational level of understanding.   This concept applies to all purchases, so no company or brand is exempt.  Unfortunately not all companies spend the time to truly verify what their customers feel about their product or purchasing decision.

At LateralOne, we feel it is vital to help clients understand how people feel about a certain product or service.  We use a proprietary qualitative research tool that can accurately measure emotions and at the same time deliver statistically meaningful conclusions that provide clear and actionable direction for improving the performance of your company.

Once you have clear and actionable data about your customers, their purchasing decisions and emotions, and your competitors then you can truly create a successful marketing campaign that does not involve guesswork.

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