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How do I Track Actual Engagement?

How do I Track Actual Engagement?

If you are marketer, your main goal is to find out who cares about the amazing marketing campaigns that you have been producing.  You certainly don’t want to feel as though you are wasting time by creating endless videos, awesome landing pages and webinars if no one was really into it.

Well, start asking more of your marketing content.  Traditionally, all marketers would have you drive people to opt in to their content and then cross your fingers that someone would actually engage with your company.  Not just the title page, but all of the pages you spent hours upon hours writing.  And no skimming or clicking through.  Actually, reading it ALL.

But now, due to many new technologies available you can act as though you have a crystal ball.  Because you do.  Forget about how many likes you have overall, or the total number of downloads to your e-book.  We are in the 21st century and we want useful and significant metrics.

If you have not already tried a video marketing platform, why?  They are one of the best ways to not only optimize your videos for engagement and conversation, but also to track the actual engagement of individual viewers.  Wouldn’t you want to know who viewed it, where they are located, and which parts they found to be most interesting?

Once you collect all that data you can begin to put it to work for your company.  Find out which messages resonate and which ones don’t.  When are people dropping off your video or which parts they are skipping.  Then you can tailor your next piece of content to what your audience really wants to see.

You can then nurture your leads better than ever, and engage with audiences who may never have noticed you before.  Now you are creating more than just awareness, but generating real leads!

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