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Marketing the Olympics to the World

Marketing the Olympics to the World

With the winter Olympics starting in February, have you ever wondered the massive amount of marketing effort it has taken to appeal to all cultures and ages across the globe?

Marketing for the Olympics is not a new concept, it started in 1912.  Approximately 10 Swedish companies purchased sole-rights to take photographs and sell them to media outlets. In 1932 the Olympic committee created the most original yet controversial marketing element called the Olympic Village.  When the games were over, the bungalows where the athletes lived were dismantled and sold as tourist accommodations to promote the future Olympics.

And so every winter and summer Olympics for the past 85 years the marketing campaigns and efforts increased to monumental proportions that we see today.

These efforts take years to plan and kick off a global Olympic campaign. But overall the desired outcome is the same as for any marketing campaign:

  • Create worldwide promotion of a desired product or service
  • Create and Maintain long term marketing programs
  • Generate revenue
  • Create a positive experience for the customer
  • Ensure that the product can be experienced by the maximum number of people throughout the world
  • Enlist support of partners

We can use many of the same principles in helping create a successful marketing strategy while using the Olympics as a case study.

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