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Turn Your Website into a Client Generating Machine

Turn Your Website into a Client Generating Machine

Do you consider your website a sales machine for your business? Have you wanted to update your website but felt that the task was too daunting?

Here are two places to focus your efforts in 2018.

  • Does your website have a professional look and feel to the design that matches your brand?

When prospective clients arrive on your website what they see is either going to validate your business or not.  Companies build or destroy trust within seconds with a website that does not have a good design and a well thought out user experience.

Think of it like this:  Powerful content and messaging displayed on a poor designed website is comparable to staying at a 5 Star Resort and having the room be dirty.

Your website will create an impression in the mind of your clients.  Wouldn’t you like to control that impression so that they engage with your company and connect with you?

  • Did the content for your website come from an internal resource that is not from marketing?

The content for your website is equally as important as the design.  You want people to take action and hire you and your team.  The great news is that you can improve your conversation rates tremendously by hiring a professional copywriter to write your marketing and company pages correctly.

If your site gets visitors but very few convert into customers, the answer is simple.  Hire a professional copywriter to make your marketing messages stand out.

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